Who Are We?

The Woman Behind Glam Baddie

My name is Amira, I am the founder of Glam Baddie, a vegan & cruelty - free beauty brand, providing luxurious essentials for self care. Goodies that look good enough to eat! Now you may ask, how was Glam Baddie created? 

When the Covid-19 pandemic had begun, I lost my car, apartment and both of my jobs. I had lost faith and confidence in myself and was stuck in severe depression. The months passed by and I had begun seeing more and more female entrepreneurs online taking charge of their futures. I asked myself, why can’t I do the same? I was hiding in fear from my own self, scared that I wasn’t smart enough or creative enough to do so. After weeks of research, negotiating with vendors, learning packaging, shipping, marketing, website development, I decided to take a chance on myself and launch Glam Baddie. I started with handmade lip glosses and lashes, and now transformed to handmade body & skin care. The first few months were difficult, as I was still learning. I shared my story on instagram and that helped push my business towards more success. 

I was beyond happy to have launched a business, and I realized what my true purpose was. As I went through difficult times, I needed something to look up to. I wanted to become a Glam Baddie. Being a Glam Baddie is about being independent, the real you, the confident, self-loving fun you. I began being there for myself in ways that others couldn’t be, I made many new friendships and started doing more of what made me happy. I passionately strive to be an example to other women, to remind them to have confidence in themselves and their abilities. Over the course of the last year, I have have watched numerous businesses flourish, from more beauty brands, candle businesses, lash businesses, and women’s apparel stores. 

My mission is to continue providing affordable products for your self-care. I also hope to see more & more women see my journey, and are inspired to begin theirs.